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March 1999 - December 18, 2002

Toby and his brother Lucky came to live with me as two little foundlings, wandering the streets.   They walked up to a co-worker one day and their owners could never be found.   They were a devilish little pair, suffering greatly from separation anxiety.  While being left alone at home, they chewed through a leather sofa, shoes, clothes, bed clothes, carpeting, door frames, and doors.  It took me 3 years to get them settled down and comfortable staying at home alone.
Toby was always a little more "restless" than his larger brother Lucky.  He stayed up until all hours at night playing and destroying dog toys.  He was always the first one awake in the morning, bugging me to go for that first morning walk.   Toby was always more playful than Lucky, playing fetch endlessly, but he would never allow his brother to have a stuffed toy for very long.  He destroyed them all, pulling cotton stuffing out all over the floor.   While Lucky is a true "kisser", Toby gave his kisses very sparingly, saving them for special occasions.  And instead of the big, soulful eyes that Lucky has, Toby had a real set of "bedroom" eyes, melting the heart of anyone that he shared his looks with. 
Toby's life came to an end entirely too soon, at the jaws of a pit bull.  He lived for 2 days after the attack but couldn't fight off the trauma that he had received. 
Lucky and I miss him terribly.  We love you Toby.

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